Knell family histories and pictures

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--Robert Knell (1828-1916)--
Robert Knell was the fourth child of Rhoda Fry and John Corke Knell. He was born 22 September 1828 in the village of Millbrook near Southampton, England.
When he was twenty years old Robert was baptized into the LDS Church on 17 October 1848 in Watford, England.
On 1 September 1849 Robert Knell boarded the ship "James Pennell" in Liverpool, England to journey to America to join with his fellow saints. He arrived in New Orleans on 12 October 1849. Robert made his way north to St. Louis where he worked for five months then went on to Missouri.
In Missouri Robert made arrangement with Lorenzo Dow for passage to Salt Lake by driving 400 sheep across the plains on foot. The Lorenzo Dow Company arrived in Salt Lake City on 2 September 1850. Robert Knell worked in Ogden for a month then settled in Kaysville.
On 23 February 1855 Robert married Mary Crook (Eagles). Mary was born on 23 July 1822 in Plymouth, England to Margaret Lane and William Crook. Mary had four children in her first marriage to Elias Eagles: Mary Ann- 5 November 1845, Elizabeth- 22 September 1847, Joseph- 1 June 1849,  and Josephine- 24 November 1850. Joseph and Josephine both died as infants.
Robert and Mary's first child, Susanna Catherine was born on 24 November 1855. Their second daughter, Rhoda Ann was born on 7 May 1858. And their son, Robert Charles was born on 30 January 1861.
The Knell family made their home in Kaysville until 28 May 1962 when they sold their place there and moved south to the town of Pinto, Utah in northern Washington County. Two more daughters were born after they moved to Pinto, Cornelia Eveline - 6 January 1863 and Clara Antoinete - 27 April 1865.
Robert and Mary had five children together plus Mary's two daughters from her first marriage. They raised their family in Pinto. Their daughter, Eveline passed away of Typhoid fever in December 1869 at the age of six years. The other children later all married and left home. Robert Knell was called as bishop of the Pinto ward in 1877. Robert Knell's brother, Benjamin also lived in Pinto.
Robert Knell's wife, Mary passed away on 4 June 1897. Robert lived alone in Pinto until about 1907 when he moved to Cedar City with his daughter, Clara. In 1916 Robert moved to St. George, Utah to live with his daughter, Rhoda. He died there on 16 December 1916. He was buried beside his wife in the Pinto cemetery.



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